Transformation is a verb

Your whole life is a process of figuring out who you get to be

Maddie is a holistic nutritionist and writer deeply curious about the relationships that thread throughout our lives, such as our relationship with food, our body, self, and love. If we find ourselves unworthy in any one of these relationships it will affect the others. We will not be enough in love, guilty at the plate, a harsh critic of the self, and a stranger to our own body.

Maddie seeks not to be a purveyor of answers, but an asker of questions. As humans seeking to uncover the many pieces of ourselves that make us powerful we don’t need someone else’s truths, we need our own inquiries. It’s her goal to ask the questions that awaken us to ourselves.


Practice Makes…

…a courageous and imperfect life. We get seduced by this notion of perfect. Of complete understanding of who we are. Perfection is the opposite of creation. It’s hard and shiny and static. We are none of those things. When we let go of arrival. When we release the idea of being one person. When we surrender into the dynamism and creation of our story, that’s when life gets to be wild, and gorgeous and fully ours.

Become the irreverent author and editor of your own life.

I’m Ready