1-On-1 Sessions



The food on our plate is absolutely important. But our food choices don’t happen in isolation. A perfectly, squeaky clean plate is lovely, but if the human who is sitting down to that plate is a million miles away it doesn't matter. In fact, we’ve completely missed the point. We want the person sitting down to that plate everyday to be vibrant and luscious and full. She is the one who will change everything. Not the food on your plate.

red flower

red flower

My background is in holistic nutrition, but my passion and my curiosity lie in our relationship to the food on our plates, and how that relationship is a beautiful example of the other relationships in our lives. By changing our relationship with food, by reigniting it with pleasure, we can change ourselves.

By committing to work with me 1-on-1 you are embarking on the ever-surprising journey of transformation. We will look at the food on your plate, at how you relate to love and partnership, and at how you see and speak to yourself.

In our work together we will look to: 

Renew your sense of ownership and authorship in your life. 

Foster more resilient self-love.

Create a more gentle relationship with food and your body. 

Engage in greater forgiveness with yourself. 

Develop awareness of the stories that keep you small and how to write ones that are expansive. 

Fall fiercely in love with yourself.

It is my goal not to provide answers, but to ask you the questions that awaken you to your potential. The questions that open you to shift and transformation. And the questions that uncover the most powerful pieces of yourself.

The questions that will thread through our work together are:

What are you hungry for?

What do you need in your life to feel nourished?

What kind of space do you want to take up in this world?

I only take several coaching clients each month. Contact me below and make the courageous step of choosing yourself.