August 15th, 2012

The Rundown…The V-Up is the problem child of the sit up and the leg lift. They have the ability to start friendly – your legs are straight, your arms are straight, you are relishing in your core’s ability to unite your fingers and toes above your body – and then you get slapped in the face by the v-up. A likely tale. A few workouts ago I fell prey to this all too likely tale as I set out to do 10 rounds of 20 v-ups within my workout. Let’s just say that modifications happened at about round 5 of that experience…

All that aside, I love v-ups. They are a nice change to your typical sit up, and they bring the muscular focus a little lower and deeper into your core. Next time you are debating between the sit up or the leg lift, throw these puppies in for an extra kick.

Full Range of Motion:

  1. Begin lying on your back with your legs and arms totally outstretched.
  2. In one fluid motion, draw your legs and your arms off of the ground, making contact above your body and in line with your belly button.
  3. Draw your legs and arms back to the ground. Keeping them straight the whole time and controlling your trip to the ground. You aren’t finished yet when you reach the top, so don’t let everything go to hell from there back to the ground.

For Visual Learners…

Step # 1 – Start Position

Step # 2 – Fingers to Toes!

Step # 3 – Finished / Back to the beginning…

Things to make these less sucky…

If you are slow off of the ground, your trip to the top will be lackluster and inefficient. Engage your whole body when lying outstretched, and then drive to the top with some serious business in mind.


The longer your levers (aka: your arms and legs) the harder these will be. If you need some help simply shorten those levers. Instead of keeping the legs straight the whole time and reaching for the toes, bend the knees and reach for the bottoms of the feet.


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