Mobility On Demand: AKA – made super freaking easy

Peace out paralysis by analysis mobility problems!

Peace out paralysis by analysis mobility problems!

Mobility can be elusive. It’s like kale: that thing we all knew we should eat, but never really wanted to consume. That is until we tried kale and realized it was delicious. And that we felt like a freaking rock star upon consumption. Yes, mobility is no different. We all know we need it. We all know we feel better when we do it. But that all that aside, sometimes I find myself paralyzed by options. I don’t know about you all, but this lady sometimes has one too many body parts that need mobilizing, and one too many ways to go about it. Luckily, Mobility on Demand has found a way to reduce paralysis by analysis in the world of mobility.

Andrea and Jonathon, ze cofounders of Mobility on Demand are local boulder peeps who I know and love via Crossfit Roots and spontaneous coffee encounters – love those. And I’m so psyched to share with you guys their product. So what’s the deal: Mobility on Demand is a 30 card deck with equipment-free mobility exercises. Each deck contains a key card with different colors representing different areas of the body. Example: yellow = neck and upper back, pink = mid – low back, and so forth. Then each card has a little key up top that tell you what area of the body it targets. So say you were in the market for an upper back mobility sesh: you just look through the deck for yellow cards and bam! Love when ambiguously complicated things are made easy.

P.S. These make awesome stocking stuffers!

P.P.S. Use the discount code MADRULES at checkout to get 10% off your order!

P.P.P.S. I totally love the fact that the models on these cards are both jacked and tatted. #nbd


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