what we miss in “looking” for shift.

We transform. We progress. We evolve not just of the body. Not just within the shape it takes, but within the shape we take. By how we live inside its borders.
What if we released. What it we softened. What it we lightened our hold on the shape of our stomach and thought so much more about the shape of our words? About whether they cut or soothe us. Whether they condemn or give blessing. Whether they are the residue left behind by some other voice, by some other self, or are the pieces of permission bestowed from our own volume. By the self who is here now.
In trying so desperately hard to change, we somehow forget to do just that. That yes, while we can absolutely shift our body alongside our self, it can’t be the only thing that changes shape. We must take a moment, we must take a lifetime to scan down and ask not, how can I look better? How can I be better? How can I fit more easily…? But rather, where am I stuck? Where am I being cruel or unkind or unreasonable? And how can I write myself into transformation? How can I speak it? How can my words, not just my body, take its shape?

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