when should things be hard?

When should things be hard?

And how hard? When do we move past the threshold of shift and change and growth and into the space of degradation? When are we making things hard because we are too afraid to make them easy?

My life spirals when it doesn’t feel hard enough. When there’s too much empty space. Too much room for movement or time or me.

And what about love? It has this curious ability to live in both questions – shouldn’t this be easier? Isn’t this supposed to be work?

No. Yes. Both.

Walk into a gym. Sit down to a plate of food. Look in a mirror. Fall in love. Or just wait. Hard will come. But once it finds you, once you say, “yes, I’m here too,” you don’t have to keep looking for  it. You don’t have to follow it.

You’ve already done the work by staying.

By saying, yes.

And then asking, what would this look like if this were easy…

Life has the space to be both.

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