how do we know when we’ve grown?

How do we know when we’ve grown? When all of the work we’ve done has reached a threshold and overflowed into some other state of being. Into some other state of knowing this complicated self patched together by history and by healing.

We know in fracture. In shift. In moments that are traced in familiarity and sameness even though we’ve never been here before with this person or in this place and yet we are different this time. We are the novel element to the same story.

We know when truth falls apart and doesn’t become a lie, but a pivot towards possibility.

We know when breaking open doesn’t mean breaking apart.

Growth sneaks up on us. As it should. It changes us little by little. Choice by choice until we are different. Wait, that’s not right. It changes us until we are us. Until we are back to us. That’s when we know. When we look up, when we look in, and we see us staring right back. Smiling at who we’ve become. 

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