we’re not built for (or by) straight lines.

One of the things I crave the most in the presence of a lover are walks. Or rather the quiet collisions that occur as two humans bound by some degree of connectedness, of hearing and seeing the other, pull them together and apart again like a whimsical and slightly rogue pendulum, attempting to move from point A to point B, and yet getting distracted somewhere in the middle.

we need these
quiet collisions
we crave them
and move towards them
asking that they give us
some counter to the sense
we’re in this thing alone
some wall to push up against
in the absence of our own

It can feel as though we’ve stumbled. And perhaps we have. Or that we should have a more refined awareness of space. And perhaps we should. But sometimes we need these touch points. Sometimes we need the solidness of another human to brush up against and to remind us that we’ve strayed or that we’re here.

We aren’t built for straightness. Or rather, we aren’t built by straightness, but by impact. By the returning to, or the realignment of, our intended trajectory. Our navigational system doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. It can unravel moment by moment. Encounter by encounter. Lover by lover. Shaped not by the concreteness of destination but by the vastness of connection. 

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