why change happens in waves

when we make the huge and courageous decision of being in relationship with ourselves it feels as though we should be able to jump into all that terrifying goodness. to submerge ourselves fully and swallow wholeness.

can we drown in something good

or is that why it comes in waves

it being the human we know we can be 

it being the uncritical and unapologizing inner voice

it being the certainty that we are, that we will be loved

some waves take us under. they wash us clean of the weight of ourselves, pulling us into the current of change. and some, some barely brush against our toes, begging that we step a little bit closer.

we can’t cannonball into shift. even if it is a good one. that isn’t the point. we don’t have enough air to stay under.

it’s ok that it comes in waves. that sometimes they are big. sometimes they are small. and sometimes they don’t seem to be there at all. that’s how waves are. and sometimes all we have to do is wait for the tide to change. 

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