is all communication created equal?

Communication: my longest lasting committed relationship. This week Chance Taureau and I ask the question, “is all communication is created equal?” Maddie Berky: One of my greatest triggers is feeling unwanted. In so many of my early relationships I felt alone. Like I wanted the other person more than they wanted me. And I did.

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the breast chronicles

Most women get breasts around puberty. I got them at age 28. Well, I got them again at age 28, two years after breast implants and I were deemed “incompatible.” The week I moved to Denver I got breast implants. “I don’t want titties, I want breasts” I kept telling my surgeon, terrified that I’d

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is your sexting game as good as your actual game?

Sexy collab time with Chance Taureau. This week what changes in a relationship when sexting is brought out of the wings and put on the main stage. Maddie Berky: I feel like I need a mulligan for every sexual experience I had before age 26. Sex in my early twenties was kind of like riding

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“I’m unavailable for monogamy until mid-January.”

We were on date number two. With all the heavily tattooed men in Denver you’d think I would’ve managed to date one sooner, but here we were. In very Maddie Berky fashion with a man I think I like and whom I’ve designated as unlikely to be a serial killer, we were having dinner at my place.

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can sexting make a relationship better?

Do we give sexting enough credit? Is it really just a place for creepy dick picks, or can it be so much more than that? Sexting Part 2 this week with Chance Taureau. Maddie: I credit one man with giving me a sexual voice. The relationship itself was a little fucked up and resided almost

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who’s worth more: me or him?

Who’s worth more, me or him? This question has been following me around lately. It taps me on the shoulder. Asks to be answered. Or rather, asks to be re-answered. To be taken out of inquiry. To be made into something more solid. Are you worth more than the men you want to want you?

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what do our fantasies tell us and why should we listen…

Maddie Berky: You’d think I couldn’t wait to write about fantasies. How much more fun can you get? It’s sex but ultra-steamy, totally made-up, no rules apply sex. I can be George of the jungle style swinging from something while a shirtless, shiny man serves me. But really, I don’t have a lot of crazy

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I forget that I’m sexy.

I forget that I’m sexy. That there’s an ease to me lying in bed tracing a tattoo I don’t yet know with my fingertips. That my body exhales when I’m naked, shrugging off the weight I’ve imposed on it through expectation and leaving it scattered on the ground with my clothes. I forget that I

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how do you communicate your needs?

Week 3 of collaborating with Chance Taureau about all things love 7 sex. This weel: how do you create language around your and your partner’s wants & needs. What does sex mean to you? What do you like about it? What makes someone a good lover? From losing my virginity at 18 to about my

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