can I love up close?

I’ve loved men who aren’t here. I don’t change the sheets after they leave. I keep hung the towel they used after getting out of the shower. I use it for days hoping that it’ll help me remember what it felt like for them to be here, that some part of them remains in the

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when is money connected to masculinity?

This week in collaboration w/Chance Taureau: how can money get in our way in relationship and what are its ties to the masculine? Maddie Berky: We’re a pre-nup family. It was the only thing discussed in relation to love and cash flow growing up. Love whomever you want, but sign a pre-nup. Protect yourself. Wouldn’t

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my best ask-out, to date.

“Come to dinner with me and you won’t be seeing anyone else.” I almost dropped my phone. I definitely stopped folding my laundry. I was actively dating, and honestly I wanted a possible way out. I’d told him I was in the “kind of, sort of seeing someone phase.” Which was true. And, exit strategy.

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sex w/one person forever: net gain or net loss?

Truth about me: I’m not sure where I land in monogamy. Monogamist? Monogamish? It’s a range I’m curious about. This week in collaboration with Chance Taureau we look at commitment. What’s terrifying and what’s enriching. Maddie Berky: I don’t want you to be the last person I have sex with… Not the ideal thought to

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“so what’s my bullshit?”

“I want to know what my bullshit is. Is that under the umbrella of therapy?” I started seeing my therapist years ago as a preemptive measure. I wasn’t in crisis, but knowing the general concentration of my feelings, it seemed like a good call to get the ball rolling. “Yes. Absolutely under the therapy umbrella.

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when do we share our fears?

This week’s collab w/ Taureau Consulting: When and how much of ourselves do we share with our partner? ** Maddie Berky: I’m trying this weird thing lately. It’s called, reverse honeymooning. You know that period of time in the beginning of a relationship where you’re giddy on not knowing each other? There’s no conflict. No

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he told me why I don’t date. he was right.

“I think you don’t want to date anyone because you think you’ll turn back into who you used to be.” I had just said I didn’t want to date him. He had just told me why. Sure, there were a lot of other reasons why. And a lot of other responses that would have made

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is all communication created equal?

Communication: my longest lasting committed relationship. This week Chance Taureau and I ask the question, “is all communication is created equal?” Maddie Berky: One of my greatest triggers is feeling unwanted. In so many of my early relationships I felt alone. Like I wanted the other person more than they wanted me. And I did.

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the breast chronicles

Most women get breasts around puberty. I got them at age 28. Well, I got them again at age 28, two years after breast implants and I were deemed “incompatible.” The week I moved to Denver I got breast implants. “I don’t want titties, I want breasts” I kept telling my surgeon, terrified that I’d

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is your sexting game as good as your actual game?

Sexy collab time with Chance Taureau. This week what changes in a relationship when sexting is brought out of the wings and put on the main stage. Maddie Berky: I feel like I need a mulligan for every sexual experience I had before age 26. Sex in my early twenties was kind of like riding

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