Change the Tone by Mad Wellness

Change the Tone

I usually try to be a little more on-point with my posting schedule, but to be honest, nothing good was coming out of these nimble fingers in the last 72 hours – hence the delay. I know the deal is when things are rather sub-par in your own life you are supposed to garner a

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Ginger Peach Paleo Pancakes Recipe by Mad Wellness

Ginger Peach Paleo Pancakes

One of my favorite things in the whole world is the pancake. No joke. Right up there with puppies. I am also very particular about my pancakes. I don’t dig those “light and airy” things that feel like you aren’t eating anything. No. I like to be very aware that I am consuming pancakes. They

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The Pursuit of Success by Mad Wellness

The Pursuit of Success

I was sitting around with two friends this weekend, chatting about life decisions and the choices that had lead us to our current paths. Not to toot our own horns, but we are a tri-fecta of intelligent women, and yet we have all chosen paths that may not always be associated with the top tier

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Paleo Granola Bar Recipe by Mad Wellness

Paleo Granola Bars

This weekend was the Colorado Open at my sister’s crossfit gym. I have become a peripheral groupie of sorts to the FRCF crowd. I worked out there myself for a couple months before starting to teach. Me and my guttural voice come to all the competitions. I’ve made some brief appearances at their fantastically neon

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Mobility or Stagnation by Mad Wellness

Humility: A Vehicle for Mobility or Stagnation?

Doubt and humility are too often confounded in life – or perhaps only within my own life. But truly, where is the line drawn? Where does one’s respect for the work to be done switch to one’s doubt for the sheer possibility that the work can be done? Where do grace and poise degrade to

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For Love of the Burpee…

If you ask any of my students what my favorite exercise is, they will make a sad face and say, “burpees…” Ummmm. DUH. Why would this not be my favorite exercise of all time? It’s body-weight, (and let’s be honest – body-weight exercises are one of the things I can win at.They are my secret

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Negativtity and the Unloved Pushup

This workout is not really my general style. It isn’t super explosive, and it is totally devoid of the burpee, and yet it is such a surprising kick in the pants. You are going to read it and be like, meh, but I warn you, a student of mine’s husband had to take off her 

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The Rundown…The V-Up is the problem child of the sit up and the leg lift. They have the ability to start friendly – your legs are straight, your arms are straight, you are relishing in your core’s ability to unite your fingers and toes above your body – and then you get slapped in the

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Make the Choice by Mad Wellness

Make the Choice.

As I lay on the floor in the middle of the gym, seeing some of my students run by my wrecked self, I became acutely aware of the fact that I had just got owned. It was a day when I would’ve possibly been better served taking a nap than going to the gym, or

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