Blueberry Salmon Salad Recipe by Mad Wellness

Blueberry Salmon Salad

This is my go to meal for everything. It’s the: I have no idea what I want to eat, but I know I need to in the next 10 minutes or else sh*t is going to get interesting meal. I even eat this for breakfast before teaching spin! If someone had told me before I

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Reluctant by Mad Wellness

“Reluctant” Paleo Girl in the City

My feelings about food have changed a lot throughout the years, and let me tell you, until finding Paleo, that relationship had been like dating a 24 year old man – consuming, indulgent, and finicky as all hell. I would say that my not so awesome relationship with food began in boarding school. Transplanted across

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The Run Down…Oh, the burpee. How I love this exercise. It makes me so sad when people are not as enamored as I am of this exercise. No, but seriously, why wouldn’t you want to do burpees?! They are a full body, explosive exercise that involves self-congratulation at the top of each rep (aka the

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The Run Down…Pushups are just quality. Nothing crazy, nothing super complicated, just quality work: arms, back, core, even legs (bet you don’t always think of those puppies when doing push-ups.) They are one of those knitty-gritty exercises that not only build and maintain strength, but also make it apparent when we are lacking in it.

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Air Squats

The Run Down…So simple, yet so often shorted by several crucial inches. The air squat is a beautiful thing. Do you want to know how I feel every time someone does quite literally a half-assed air squat: like someone ripped an ice cream cone out of my hand (that is when I ate ice cream,)

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Squat Thrusts

The Run Down… I call these puppies squat thrusts. Some wimpy people call them burpees. Yes. I said wimpy, because these little gems take out the apex move of the burpee: the push-up. You aren’t allowed to say you are doing a burpee in my book if you are not suffering through that damn push-up.

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Tuck Jumps

The Run Down…The tuck jump is a new found favorite of mine. I also seem to forget about it for months at time and then get to experience all over again just how awesome it is when I remember. Now, I am not the most coordinated person by any means – there is a reason

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