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Wait, what?! Oh no, January is not for eating. January is for diets and detoxes and generally hating ourselves into submission...

Maddie Berky Live Deliciously

January is when we try that diet that didn’t work last year (because it was awful) but surely it will work this time. Or when we will magically be able to resist dessert or general merriment. Or cook all of our own meals. From scratch. Or go to the gym every day, scratch that, twice a day because it’s January. Combine the thrill of January with the guilt of December and everything works as planned…

If I hear one more woman say she’s going to stop eating come January, I’m going to lose it.

But that’s what we’re supposed to say. We’re supposed to hate ourselves enough to lose the weight. That’s just part of the deal.

F*ck that. And oh, I hear you. I too need to stop eating and drinking like an asshole after much needed holiday merriment. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop eating. Or that we have to sterilize and restrict our diet or our lifestyle. That’s too much. We’re coming in too hot. It’s why we burn out two weeks later.

What if you were gentler this year?

What if you instead turned your toes towards a diet that nourished you? That left you full and satisfied and still aligned with your health goals?

Oh it's a thing! You can be happy and still working towards your goals.

Welcome to the beautiful world of being a human. If there is one thing we know how to do above all other things it is to feed ourselves. We just lose track of that amidst all the diet induced craziness.

That’s what EAT is all about. About trusting yourself and your food choices. About sitting down to a plate of food and not asking if “will make me fat…?” but knowing that this will nourish and support you. It’s about not being hungry, but satisfied. It’s about feeling at home in your body again. Over the 30 days of EAT you will work to:

  • Eat intuitively & without guilt
  • Cultivate a more healthy & gentle relationship with food
  • Identify the foods that make you feel vibrant & alive
  • Construct eating habits that are sustainable & nourishing
  • Feel more at home in your body now

Did I mention that you won’t have to do this alone?

Because huge, beautiful, curious things happen in the presence of community. And in this case that community will be an intimate and non-judge FB group. It will be filled with people like you! Who want to shift and change and don’t need a million transformation photos making them feel like they aren’t doing enough. We will be there to bear witness. To cheer. To support. And the occasional, “WTF?!?!”

By joining this January nourishment party you’ll receive:

  • diamond-0930 days of support and nourishment
  • Private & Non-judgy Facebook Group
  • Daily notes of support, inspiration & knowledge
  • Extensive nourishment guide and shopping list
  • Initial email food check-in with Maddie to customize your food choices going forward

Join EAT for only $97 (over a $400 value)

EAT. Not because you’ve worked hard enough to validate it. Not because you didn’t eat breakfast. Not because you will eat a tiny dinner.

EAT because it is what is bound up in living.

EAT because you deserve it.

Because you always deserve to nourish yourself.

Because you should never have to apologize for or legitimate feeding yourself.


Join me.