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How do you become the author and the courageous editor of your own life?

How do you unpack and investigate the stories that keep you stuck and small and then actually change them?!

Maddie Berky Live DeliciouslyIt’s nearly impossible to do that incredibly gorgeous and equally hard work alone. It is so much richer. So much lighter in the presence of community. And thus I am so beyond execited to announce the next iteration of my Live Deliciously Program. Eight weeks of transformation, and cultivation, and courageous uncovering.

What is it: A community rooted in the act of transformation and the cultivation of worthiness.

What we will do:

Month 1: Investigate Transformation.

We will spend the first month together breaking down the wildly complicated and gorgeous act of transformation. Where do you get stuck? What pieces of your story are holding you back and preventing you from living your truth?What the fuck even is your truth?! What is at stake if you say “no thank you" to shifting? How can you imbue this extremely personal process with YOUNESS? By the end of this month you will have laid the beautiful and resilient foundation of the self. You will have a tangible “why” that will root you to your own personal shift. And you will do it all in that hugely necessary presence of community.

Month 2: Cultivate Worthiness.

We will spend the second month delighting in the act of inscribing worthiness upon our story. What are you hungry for? What will nourish you? And most importantly, why are you so very worthy of both love and nourishment? It can feel as though we are playing make-believe in our own life. That if we show up as who we actually are we will be rejected. That we will be even more isolated than we already feel. That people are mistaken when they look at us and see something magical. Or that people don’t look at us at all. That we feel invisible in our own life. This month is about saying, "Fuck No" to that life and that story. And "Fuck Yes" to you. To a new story. To becoming visible in your own life. To the uncovering your own worthiness.

In these 8 weeks you will get:

diamond-091) A community of magical, inspiring individuals who want to shift with you via our private FaceBook Group.

2) M-F Facebook support.

3) Three weekly posts from me to guide you through this process and ask you the questions that instigate your transformation and growth.

4) Two group calls with me.

5) Weekly homework assignments.

6) 8 weeks of support (3 weeks on / 1 week off to give you a moment to breathe, absorb, and transform.)


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Sign me up!

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