Life will always be messy,
but it doesn’t have to feel so hard.

Who is showing up in your life? Think about that person for a moment. The one who shows up when you sit down to a plate of food. The one who shows up in front of a mirror. The one who shows up reflected upon a partner and lover. The one who shows up in bed amidst charge and pleasure. And the one who shows up at the brink of transformation.

Who is she?

Is she nourished?

Is she in love - with herself, with her body, with her life?

Is she full?

The Live Deliciously program provides an intimate and unique platform to ask and answer those questions. To uncover the most delicious and powerful pieces of yourself. Each program contains weekly emails, direct 1-on-1 email communication with Maddie, and weekly homework all designed to transform the way that you see yourself and your life.

standing smile


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bed back


In order to shift we must first pause and create space. And then we must courageously surrender and relish in the process. We don't change according to someone else's answers. We transform from our own inquiry.

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